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US Icon U.S. Major Rail Database Detail updated!

Description: The US Railroad Major Systems consists of eleven separate digital map polyline layers that represent the railroad network for the following major railroad operating companies: BNSF, CN, CP, CSXT, KCS, NS, UP.

Data Category: map file, point file.

Coverage: United States.

Units of Sale: United States Major lines.

Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of mapping software products.

Uses/Applications: The US Railroad Major Systems was developed for faster viewing and mapping of major rail lines. Topology is built by state and the lines are edge-matched along state boundaries to ensure accurate and comprehensive data. The major rail lines aid in the many types of transportation applications involving rail, such as: Market Analysis, Fleet Management, Planning, Consultation, and Emergency Response. This product is useful in presentations due to its rapid redraw time.

Features/Benefits: The US Railroad Major Systems has been developed through extensive industry research and is continually being updated to reflect the major rail systems currently in operation. The US Railroad Major Systems database is a subset of the US Railroad Map Database. This ensures the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information with a great reduction in redraw time. The major rail systems were developed as polylines, which greatly reduces the time it takes to display them The database consists of a graphical layer of data that represents the eleven major railroad companies. Each of the railroad systems are linked to a database that contains information that identifies the railroad company and the state in which the line exists.

*Note : The US Railroad Map Database overlays these files to give additional information such as trackage rights and shows all short line rail systems. The Canadian Railroad Map Database and the Mexican Railroad Map Database have been edge-matched to the US Railroad Database to ensure a continuous rail data base for North America.

Table Information: Map File

Field Names Description


OP1 Primary Rail Operator. Usually the owner

Character (4)

OP2 Secondary Rail Operator

Character (4)

OP3 Tertiary Rail Operator

Character (4)

TR1 (Not Hierarchical) Track Rights over a specific piece of rail

Character (4)

TR2 (Not Hierarchical) Track Rights over a specific piece of rail

Character (4)

TR3 (Not Hierarchical) Track Rights over a specific piece of rail

Character (4)

Passenger Passenger Service operating over rail line.

Character (4)

Table Information: Point Files

Field Names Description


Name Station point name

Character (32)

State State in which station point is located

Character (2)

Display Characteristics: The Major Rail lines are solid black polylines.

Vintage of Data: January 2004updated!

File Sizes: US Railroad Major Database: 25 Mb and US Major stations: 205KB **All sizes are approximations.

Coordinate System: Latitude and Longitude

Accuracy/Scale: 1:100,000

Source/Copyright: DeskMap Systems, Inc.

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