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School superintendents and board members have found our enrollment projections and mapping resources invaluable to their decision making process. School enrollment projections are important not only in bond elections years, but also for annual budgeting, staffing and management issues. The best decisions are made when growth trends are understood.

Whether you are responsible for obtaining accurate enrollment projections or need to develop new attendance zone boundaries the right resources will ensure the success of your project. DeskMap Systems, Inc. provides custom demographic studies, attendance zone analysis, and consulting services to public school districts. The best school district planning decisions are made with the best planning resources.

Demographic Studies

DeskMap Systems, Inc. produces comprehensive demographic reports on a custom basis. The end result of each study is a series of enrollment projections which can be used for staff and facility planning. A wealth of information is included in the report such as data on how the school district has changed, factors which will influence future enrollments and maps indicating student distribution.

The benefits of a comprehensive demographic study include:

  • to determine the causes and effects of likely changes to district demographics

  • to identify growth areas within the district for modifying attendance zones

  • to provide data for facility & staff planning

  • to provide information for bond elections

  • to obtain a visual analysis of the student distribution within the district

  • to determine when enrollments will exceed school capacities

  • to provide a baseline of current demographics

  • to comply with Texas Performance Review recommendations

Although each study is tailored to the needs of the individual school district, there are several elements which are components of most studies. Most studies include:

  • an analysis of historical trends to understand how, and to what degree, the school district has changed. Here we track such variables as population, housing, labor force, births, private schools, enrollment and student transfers.

  • a student analysis section where a digital map is developed to display the school district and other boundary information. Each student's residential location is plotted on a series of maps. For planning purposes, the entire school district is divided into smaller areas called planning zones. Information on the number of students within each planning zone can be tabulated.

  • an analysis of growth factors section to understand how such factors as transportation, employment, infrastructure expansions, and housing will influence future enrollment growth. Each new housing development is surveyed to determine how the new subdivision will affect future enrollment.

  • enrollment projections by grade for ten years under several scenarios. Enrollment projections are produced at the District-level but can also be produced for each campus and planning zone.

Depending upon the needs of the school district, some studies are more detailed and include land use and saturation analysis components.

Attendance Zone Development

Establishing new attendance zone boundaries can be a daunting process. DeskMap Systems makes the project easier and more accurate by supplying student data and maps for new attendance zone boundaries.

DeskMap Systems assists the school district in determining the criteria for determining the new boundaries. Boundaries can be established based upon a number of criteria including ethnic and socioeconomic information. School capacities, transportation, existing neighborhoods, new growth areas within the school district and other factors are also taken into account.

Current student addresses are mapped and plotted to more accurately understand student distributions.

DeskMap Systems can produce several scenarios to provide the school district with a variety of possibilities. A table is provided displaying the number of students by grade type, ethnicity and other characteristics. Wall-size, smaller maps, and maps for the school district's web site can also be produced for each new attendance zone scenario.

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